Me Made May Day 4 – one day late

Glimmer top

Day 4 of this challenge and I am LOVING it!

The photo taking it the funniest part, my poor apprentice Chloe and my partner Vinnie are turning into professional photographers and of course I’m turning into a very professional model HAHA!

I made this top back in December for a bit of Xmas glamour. I used a Cloud 9 Glimmer solid cotton fabric, which was nice and easy to sew with, its quite a stiff fabric which means its not very drapey, I love the way it hangs, quite boxy in its shape. I used a silver metallic bias binding just around the edge of the bottom and up the split so that it was more obvious. I didn’t use it around the neckline or arms holes as I felt it would be too much and used a facing instead.

Bias Back top

The pattern is the simplicity K8260A and easy-to-sew with different variations. I would make this again in a more drapey fabric for a total different look.

glimmer top top glimmer

An update of my make four items in the month of May that I have never made before –

1 down 3 to go. I will pop up details of each garment I have made when I am totally happy with them but I have finished 1! That’s right I have completed the Morris Blazer by grainline which I have been trying to do for ages and I am so happy with it.

That’s it for now will follow up later with my today's wear, and it’s a goodun, summery and one I was very pleased with.

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