Me Made May Week 2


Its been a funny old week, this lockdown has been a very odd time. Time where I thought I would have lots of time to sew, but I haven’t really. I’ve been kept busy with orders, new fabrics and working in the background on the website. All good things I know.

I have had three big deliveries of fabric this week and you lots have been loving it, some of the fabrics have already sold out!

Here are some of the new fabrics

 New delivery may 2020

A mixture of French Terry & modal jersey 

Lillestoff jersey fabrics

All Lillestoff organic jerseys.

Atelier brunette

Atelier Brunette Viscose Fabric 


Now for my weekly roundup.

Saturday 9th May

Here I am in our garden having a little party, well just enjoying wearing one of my favourite patterns, my Zadie jumpsuit by Paper Theory patterns. This is my first Zadie jumpsuit, in a fabulously jazzy Atelier Brunette fabric. I wear this one the least out of my jumpsuits only because it’s quite a statement but I love it.


A Zadie Jumpsuit  


Sunday 10th May

This was a casual day spent in the garden so a casual top. An ogden cami made with a charity top scarf.

I love it, lightweight, upcycle and bright and colourful.


Ogden Cami made from a scarf  


Monday & Tuesday 11th May

I have actually combined these two because although I am wearing MeMade everyday I am struggling to take decent photos where I am looking presentable in the photos! I hope you don’t think I am cheating I just sometimes have a casual top and joggers on haven’t had a shower and am not looking my best so I am sorry!

Here I am in the shop taking photos of new fabrics, so I took a few selfies.

 Esme Top Leather gold earrings

I am wearing a favourite top of mine here the Esme tunic by Lotta Jansdotter in Atelier Brunette double gauze.

I am also wearing a pair of leather earrings made from upcycled leather that was donated.

Love them, they’re so light and look great, even if I do say so myself.


My favourite Zadie Jumpsuit

Wednesday 12th May

A second Zadie of the week.

This is I think my favourite Zadie, made with Sevenberry cotton fabric, which has a gorgeous weight, slightly loose weave but stable and hardwearing. When I made the Zadie I had to take 4cm out of the waist to crotch to shorten for my body length and this is perfect.

Kielo wrap dress

Thursday 13th May

I fancied dressing up today, just because we are in lockdown doesn’t mean I have to be boring, so here we have my keilo wrap dress by Named patterns. This is actually meant for stretch fabric but this isn’t in stretch, this is made with a black crepe by Atelier Brunette and the back is a cotton lawn cobra corsage by Lady McElroy. I wanted the contrast and I love how it came out.

The back of the Kielo wrap dress


Friday 14th May

Back in the shop as we had some new Lillestoff fabrics in and so decided to wear my favourite Bettine dress using some fabulous Lillestoff fabric.

This is a modal fabric so lightweight soft and drapey, the Bettine by Tilly and the buttons is supposed to be made with woven fabric but works just as well in jersey.

My Bettine in Lillestoff fabric



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  • Laura Evans

    Love this blog Lizzy – such GORGEOUS fabrics and inspiring patterns. You make it look so easy!

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