Pillow Case Dress a step by step guide

As some of you may know we are doing our very best to help support one of our fabulous customers Lynette in her annual trip to Uganda by holding a pillow case and nappy pad drop in day on Wednesday 21st June. 

Some of you have asked what pattern we are using so that they can make one even if they can't make it on the day so here it is, a step by step photo guide of a very simple pillow case dress. 

Please feel free to embellish decorate and generally jazz up your dress in anyway you feel. 

How to make your pillowcase dress:

Materials Needed

  • One pillowcase
  • Needle and Thread (Sewing machine recommended)
  • 2 metres of 1.5 cm – 2 cm ribbon, cut into 2 pieces

Directions How To Make A Pillowcase Dress

1.These measurements can be followed for certain ages.

6 months – 36 cm

2 months – 41 cm

18 months – 43 cm

2T – 46 cm

3T – 49 cm

4T – 52 cm

2.From the hemmed edge, measure up the length that you just determined and cut straight across the top to remove the pillowcase portion. This cut portion will be the top of the dress.

Cutting the top

3.Fold the pillowcase vertically in half.

4.Cut armholes into the pillowcase. By folding the case in half, you have now created two identical armholes. The shape of the armholes should be like a J. For a smaller child, make the armholes 5 cm wide by 10 cm deep For a larger child make it 7 cm wide and 14 cm deep.

pillow case arnholes

5. Now hem each armhole to avoid fraying.

Arm hemming

6. Fold the top of the front and back of the pillowcase, first 0.5 cm then 2 cm to form a casing.

7. Sew a seam to stitch this closed

8. Thread 1 m of ribbon through each casing by using a small bobby pin.

Ribbon insert

9. Tie a small knot at the ends of each ribbon.

10. Take the ribbon from the front and back, and tie bows on the shoulders.

11.If your pillowcase has an inner cover at the bottom, sew along the edge of this to keep it in place, you could even sew a decorative trim along this line to match the ribbon.

12. You have a perfect pillow case dress.

Pillowcase dress

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